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Fjall Raven

About Fjall Raven


Long ago, people lived off the land and wove nature into their lives. We think there is something contradictory about our development into the most dominant species on the planet and still we are never as vulnerable as when we head out into the very environment we came from. Fjällräven springs from this basic observation. We want to meet obstacles we run into outdoors with carefully thought-out functions that raise our quality of life. Fifty years ago, this was a wooden frame for backpacks that spread the distribution of weight across our backs. (And which over time has become a standard product with all manufacturers.)

Challenges faced today are the same as when we started. To find innovative, smart solutions, improve material, decrease weight and increase freedom of movement in the clothing you wear and the equipment you carry.

Our approach to design follows the same path as the theory of evolution, a little better after each generation. That is why you will notice that our equipment does not follow fleeting trends, but prefers to stand for durability year in and year out. In Sweden, Fjallraven pieces worn in the 70's have been passed down to the next family generation, and are still worn today. We believe that in today's world the value within our products still speaks volumes.